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Family Support

Case Management

Case Management services assist the consumer, family, and circle of support with identifying the needs of each individual and the resources available to meet those needs. Case Management also coordinates the eligibility determination process and links consumers and families with other relevant agency programs and services, as well as services available from other states, local, private, or public agencies as needed or requested. After services are established, eligible consumer and/or their families may elect optional case management and serve as their own advocates. As situations change and new or different needs arise, any eligible consumer may contact case management services to initiate a referral for active, targeted services in order to receive regular assessment, planning, linkage/referral, and monitorship of needs and implemented services.

Family Using a Tablet
Baby Stethoscope
Early Intervention

Early Intervention Services are available to train and assist families with their child, from newborn through 3 years of age, in their home setting. The family training provides assistance in understanding the disability or at-risk concerns and provides activities to enhance the family's coping skills, as well as, the child's cognitive, physical, and emotional development. Additionally, the Early Interventionist serves as Service Coordinator for these families by assisting them in securing other needed services.

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