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About Us

CHESCO Services was created through state legislation and county ordinance and is responsible for planning, coordinating, advocating, and delivering services to people with disabilities, as well as their families. We serve people in Chesterfield, Marlboro, Kershaw, Richland, and Lancaster counties.

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Our Goal

It is our goal at CHESCO Services to assist families and people with disabilities to participate fully in their homes and community.  We strive to provide the services that allow people to not only participate but to become successful in all aspects of their lives.  CHESCO Services works with other agencies and service providers to access services readily available in the communities in which it serves.

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In order to receive services from agency programs, individuals must meet specific eligibility criteria as determined by the South Carolina Department of Disabilities and Special Needs.  Any person deemed eligible by SCDDSN shall also be eligible for any agency service regardless of race, creed, religion, handicap, or sex.  Program or service delivery is dependent upon available resources.  Upon eligibility certification, an individual and/or their family may request and receive one or more agency services. 

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